What Is The 'Turkey Teeth' Trend?

If you have been on TikTok recently you must have seen the surge of people flying over to Turkey to get their teeth done.

This new trend is seeing thousands of Brits jetting abroad to have their REAL teeth shaven down and crowns fitted.

But dentists are heavily warning against this.

Under the hashtag 'turkey teeth' alone there are 243.4 million videos, with some people sharing horror stories.

According to the British Dental Association, 86% of dentists reported having treated cases that developed following treatment abroad, 87% identified crowns as the treatment most likely to require follow-up work.

Dr Surina Sehgal told TikTok, she sent a picture of her HEALTHY teeth to a dental clinic in Turkey and based a one photograph the clinic told her the suitable treatment would be 20 crowns!

If she had gone ahead with the treatment, she said: "I would've likely had nerve damage at some point of my life, therefore I would be needing 20 root canals or extractions." - costing more than the initial treatment - SHOCKING 

She told her viewers all she needed was Invisalign and her teeth whitened. (We recommend our products for all your teeth whitening worries). 

Through these 'direct message consultations' a lot of people are being misdiagnosed and given incorrect treatments.

Now more people on social media are warning others to not jump the gun as they are facing horrible consequences of budget dentistry.

Katie Inglis, told TikTok she was bed bound for 4 days after an 8 hour procedure were she has 24 teeth shaved down and 13 root canals under general anaesthesia. 

She flew to Turkey to achieve a brighter smile, and it now having sessions in the UK to correct the work done by dentists abroad!

Her UK dentist actually found impressions left in five areas within her mouth, and she has had to get several stitches getting all of this removed.


@katieinglis3 Make awareness - warning people - still ongoing problems 3 months later! Message me if want to know the truth behind turkey teeth #makingawareness #turkey #turkeyteeth #crowns #veeners #becareful ♬ B.O.T.A. (Baddest Of Them All) - Eliza Rose & Interplanetary Criminal


British Dental Association chair, Eddie Crouch, said Dentists are aware that many people are unable to obtain care and may be tempted to travel overseas for cheaper treatment.

He added: "Patients need to provide informed consent for any treatment they have and be wary of a hard-sell, as the reality is rarely as simple as it appears on Instagram.

"Sadly, many UK dentists are now picking up the pieces when things go wrong.

"Patients should be aware of the risks and alternatives to the treatment desired, and get advice on what they should do in the event of problems occurring when they return.

"We strongly advise people considering this to check a dentist's qualifications and experience and whether they are insured if things go wrong." 

The NHS advises people to think carefully before booking any treatment abroad, and issues a list of warning signs.


Key takeaways:

  • Know the warning signs 
  • Is it too good to be true?
  • Have you spoken to a GP, dentist or clinician?


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