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It didn’t work at all for me.

Doesn’t work


My teeth didn’t look any whiter. It’s disappointing, I read a review that said you need to use another pack to get them whiter but honestly why would I spend more money after the first lot didn’t work?

Been using it for three weeks now and not seen a difference. Either it doesn’t work or I’m doing it wrong.

Teeth Whitening Kit
Emma Haines
Don't waste your money

I had high hopes for this but it was a waste of time. My teeth are not one touch whiter, this has simply increased sensitivity. Had it worked even slightly, I may have considered getting the refill set and persevering. It didn't. Keep your 40 quid.

Didn't work for me, waste of money

The packaging was great, looked very professional, but it took me ages to figure out that the syringes had a cap that needed unscrewing. Nowhere was this on the instructions. Also, the syringes showed markings of 3 units, which didn't make sense when splitting it into quarters. The first 3 days, the gel didn't even touch my teeth when inserting the mouthpiece. I experimented with putting it in slightly different areas on the tray, but still no joy. The last 3 days, I just applied the gel directly onto my teeth, but this wasn't enough to notice any whitening. It was the Dragons Den endorsement that persuaded me to give this a try, but for me it was style over substance and I wouldn't recommend. I'm leaving it to the experts and getting my teeth whitened at my dentist. Would give 0 stars if I could.

Received today

Wow received today use one strip and can see the difference plus no pain! Before these I used crest 3d whitening strips god the pain I had off them they even burnt my gums really not safe for your teeth , picture below my teeth are not perfect shape but they have gone a lot more white

I do not understand all the 5 star reviews

I am a person who likes to gives things a fair shot but i dont understand all the 5 stars reviews here. This product was used twice a day and i followed the instructions and went through 2 pens. No difference at all in whiteness. I cannot understand how this can work as once applied it will just wash off with no guards to stop it. When something looks too good to be true..

Bloody amazing

Honestly I’ve always been scared of smiling and showing my teeth off as I used to smoke but oh my god just in one use and my my my it’s working like mad. Honestly would recommend and have recommended it to all of my friends and family on Facebook. Thanks smiletime 🥰

I was skeptical about the craze for charcoal teeth whitener but this amazed me! After 2-3 days my teeth were already a few shades whiter. I also thought it would taste horrible, but I find it has a slight mint taste and nothing else. It rinses out well and no after taste. I will definitely continue to use.

This is amazing quality! I'm surprised it worked especially with the price, I was so scared and skeptical since I have extremely sensitive teeth. I saw the difference in just 5 days of use. I will recommend this to my friends and family.

Customer service was very accommodating replying to all my queries. I never thought teeth whitening was this easy. I am very satisfied and impressed by the results.

Teeth Whitening Kit
Kayleigh Gallagher

Great product really easy to use and has great noticeable whitening results within a week. Excellent value for money. Would recommend!

Surprisingly, this works really well. Of course it won't be the same as going to the dentist, but I found it works a lot better than white strips and doesn't make my teeth sensitive afterwards. Definitely worth the price.

I've been using it for a week now and love it! Lovely minty flavour and I could see a difference after the first use. The whole family uses it now and will be buying it again!

Amazing product, my teeth weren’t too bad just need a bit of whitening and this product worked perfect for me

Great results, minimum effort, and easy to use. No sensitivity. Good quality packaging and product.

So far so good. Have been noticing my teeth looking white and more aesthetically pleasing. Happy with my purchase.

The first teeth whitening kit works and the effects are long-lasting. I’m a heavy coffee drinker, and this kit got rid of almost all the stains within 3 days and saved me time going to the dental hygienist. Definitely recommend it!

Very happy with the product and service delivered.

Will purchase again

I received this product a few weeks ago, arrived very quickly. I had my suspicions before receiving it but after using the product for 30 mins per day for 6 days I could already see the difference! Will purchase this product again.

Came in a lovely box and were well packaged very pleased still to see the results but highly recommended they came early too and would buy them again!

Fantastic Product! I have used a few teething whitening products but this one was very easy to use and the results are great.

Teeth Whitening Kit
Amanda Taylor

It’s a very easy product to use and also good value for money. It has a fresh aftertaste after rinsing it. Doesn’t affect teeth sensitivity. My teeth improved by three shades whiter in four days of use daily and 4 shades after a week. The trick is to use it daily to see the full result. You won't notice much of a difference after the first use, however, after a few days you have a whiter smile. I 100% recommend it.

This is my second kit I was so impressed with it that I ordered one for my wife. She is very happy with the results so far.

Kit came the next day. Well packaged in a very neat box. Instructions are very easy to follow. Having stained yellow teeth from coffee and cigarettes I have been looking online for a teeth whitening solution for a while. This teeth whitening kit is very easy to use and the price was reasonable. I have been using it for 5 days now and I’m very happy with the results.