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Complete con. Zero change of colour to my teeth. Same with the gel system. It simply doesn’t work.

Did not work!

Not very useful

Rubbish - waste of money

I was really looking forward to trying these after the positive reviews but for me they were rubbish.
Every single time I peeled the strip away from the plastic sheet they scrunched up into a ball which made them useless and unable to apply.
Complete waste of money! I would not recommend.

Perfect 10:10 satisfaction guaranteed

Good for short term love the packaging and instructions

Easy to use. Not messy and does actually seem to be working 👍

This stuff works - good budget whitener
Great value easy to use

Loved this, it actually works wonders

So good. Actually works


I was quite excited about this but unfortunately my teeth look exactly the same, even after using the "premium" kit. As you can see, both the before and after look pretty much the exact same.

Haven’t noticed a difference

I used the strips exactly as advised and noticed teeth look white immediately after taking the strip off but after a couple of hours they return back to how they were before. I took photos everyday after use and I see no difference in the before and after, really thought these would work so feel disappointed. The strips were easy to use and stayed in place but in terms of actual whitening they do not work

Great value and definitely works. I would buy again.

No change to tooth colour - would like a refund

No change to tooth colour - would like a refund

Bought as a gift thru the reviews so cannot give it a honest score

Its working

Don’t waste your money!

It didn’t work at all for me.

Doesn’t work


My teeth didn’t look any whiter. It’s disappointing, I read a review that said you need to use another pack to get them whiter but honestly why would I spend more money after the first lot didn’t work?

OK but not enough of the squish really need five or more syringes.
No dramatic improvement with just three.

Excellent product 100% recommend

Love love love their black charcoal tooth powder a d the white coconut one